Products & Alternative Investments

Leveraging on our expert knowledge of the diverse economic sectors of the Nigerian Market and the budding investment opportunities these markets present, high income yielding investment alternatives have been added.

We have been able to create a broad range of non-traditional investment strategies and solutions through our alternative Investments desk. Our solutions are tailored to focus on a full range of asset classes including real estate, commodities and hedge funds.


The Private Aggressive Alternative Investment Product (PAAI) is an attractive alternative for investors seeking superior returns above high yield fixed income instruments. The Fund intends to maximize total returns fund opportunities in various sectors of the Nigerian economy such as Entertainment, Agriculture, ICT and real estate.


The MCL Flexi Savings Product was designed to help you build your wealth and ensure you have money available when the need arises. The product invests in high quality money market securities such as Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Bank Deposits and provides high returns on investment in line with market realities.

Competitive superior returns in comparison to the regular savings account with steady investment growth. Monitor all investments through valuation and cash statements which are always available on our clients’ portal. Liquidation process takes 24 – 48 hours.


The Private Fixed-income Open Ended Product (PFIP) is an attractive alternative to savings and fixed deposit accounts as it seeks to provide the highest possible yield while minimizing risk. The fund seeks to achieve sustainable current income as a primary objective by investing in fixed income securities issued by the FGN, States and Corporates and maximize total returns by Capital gains from the disposition of assets as a secondary objective.

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Over the years we have concentrated our efforts on creating long-term value and building relationships with our clients. Our structure is designed to offer customized financial advisory, capital markets and investment management solutions to our various clients.