Mainstreet Capital relaunches its brand, promises new corporate philosophy


Mainstreet Capital, a leading investment banking and asset management firm providing financial advisory, capital raising and asset management services, launches new brand identity and tagline to the public.

A new identity and corporate philosophy the company says will help to position it as a growth partner of choice.

The company unveiled its new tagline “Take the Right Turn”. The new slogan is an internal philosophical idea and system of thinking that captures the vibrant thread of energy running through every aspect of its business and external relationship, inspiring Mainstreet to continually deepen its knowledge and expertise while serving as a guide and beacon of hope in the society.

The corporate philosophy will also spur the company to invest in new and innovative product development as well as attract and retain top talent in its industry.

Mainstreet Capital relaunches its brand, promises new corporate philosophy

At the official brand launch event held in Lagos, last Thursday, Ebi Enaholo, the managing director, Mainstreet Capital, said: “Today is the beginning of a new journey for us as we launch a new identity and strategy to provide tailored financial services to our esteemed clients in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.

“As part of its new direction, the investment bank will collaborate with specific sectors of the economy to adopt new strategies that can aid the growth of the sectors.

“To achieve its new differentiation strategy of leveraging on other parts of the economy like the Agriculture sector, Mainstreet Capital plans to collaborate with investors and customers to seek an insight-lead approach to investment banking – which is key to its new corporate identity.’’

Mainstreet Capital relaunches its brand, promises new corporate philosophy

In his address, Muyiwa Ariyo, the deputy managing director, emphasized that its new corporate identity and philosophy, “Take the right turn” isn’t about a geographical location, but datadriven insight, direction, and access to an entire gamut of possibilities.

“We are moving the market from the traditional way of managing and advising our clients, and taking them to a new level of value creation.

“Every decision we make on your behalf is geared towards the right turn – which is the turn that drives you towards the growth of your wealth,” Ariyo added.

Mainstreet Capital relaunches its brand, promises new corporate philosophy

In a speech by one of the attendees and client of the company, Omoni Oboli, a Nollywood superstar, congratulated Mainstreet Capital on its brand launch and commended its staff for its quality service delivery.

“I’ve been investing with Mainstreet for two years now, and it’s been smooth sailing. It’s been a fantastic ride. They go as far as coming to my house to talk to me about my investment and advise me on different ways to build wealth.

“It’s one thing to get income or bulk money every once in a while, but when you are not thinking about building wealth, then you are not leaving a legacy. Mainstreet Capital has been able to advise me better on how to grow my wealth.”

The event was well attended by a crème of investors, clients and partners. They were serenaded by acoustic performances in a cocktail-themed event.

The rebranding exercise which was carried out between the company’s internal teams and a partnership with Lagos based brand consultancy, Arden & Newton BMC includes the development of a brand strategy, corporate narrative development, tagline, logo and identity systems, culture and communications strategy.

Mainstreet Capital relaunches its brand, promises new corporate philosophy