Asset Management

Mainstreet Capital provides asset management and investment advisory services in equity and fixed income markets to our diverse clients. Our investment professionals ensure we provide tailor-made solutions to our institutional and High Net-Worth Individual clients based on their investment objective and risk appetite.

Our objective is to adopt an aggressive growth strategy that is built on providing a diversified product offering which will enable exponential growth for all our stakeholders.

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Fund & Investment Management

Our investment advisers deliver personalized strategies and a full range of investment solutions with the sole focus of increasing the real wealth of our clients. Our current bouquet of products includes an absolute return fixed income and money market private portfolio floating rate, non-discretionary and discretionary separately managed accounts.

Institutional Sales & Distribution

We have a very experienced institutional sales team that possesses in-depth analytical knowledge of the markets and securities of the companies and institutions we advise on our investment banking platform. Most of our sales force have maintained relationships with their clients over the years who are predominantly institutions, consisting of pension fund administrators, insurance companies, asset and fund managers and high-net-worth individuals. Our ability to maintain a direct interaction between our institutional investor clients and the companies we represent has enabled us to achieve great results in our distribution capabilities.

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Over the years we have concentrated our efforts on creating long-term value and building relationships with our clients. Our structure is designed to offer customized financial advisory, capital markets and investment management solutions to our various clients.